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How to Draw a Shark

Once you learn how to draw a shark with this step by step tutorial, add some realism with a little watercolor paint. See below for a free PDF tutorial.

If you paint his top a shadowy black, and then the sides a watery gray, you end up with a very dimensional, and striking, shark painting. Make sure you have a good small brush and use just a little water to keep those puddles from happening.


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  1. Print a color tutorial for students to refer to. Start the shark body.
  2. Add the belly.
  3. Draw the tail.
  4. Add two dorsal fins.
  5. Add two pectoral fins.
  6. Draw gill openings, eye and nose.
  7. Trace the drawing with a black crayon. Paint the top body black.
  8. Add a tint stripe with a very watery black.
  9. Use a white crayon to draw bubbles and waves. Paint the background an ocean blue.


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