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How to Draw a Tank

Learn how to draw a tank with all its moving parts. The side view lets you see just how the wheels and tracks work together.

How to Draw a Tank
How to Draw a Tank

Heavy duty military tanks come in a variety of shapes and size, but I wanted to show students how draw one that looked extra powerful. A point of view that is low to the ground makes this tank look extra big and intimidating.

Coloring Tip: My pack of crayons didn’t have that army green color that I really wanted for the tank. I had to resort to my extra good pencil crayons to get the three shades of green that make this tank stand out from the grass and the trees. If you’d like to finish with crayons though, then a green tank against lots of brown dirt will look fine too.

Thank you Owen (who lives in a military community) for this drawing project request. I hope it helps you learn a bit more about tanks!


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Tank

  1. Start the angled side skirt.

  2. Draw the front skirt.

  3. Draw the outline of the track.

  4. Add curved lines to define the track.

  5. Add lines to each track.

  6. Draw the road wheels.

  7. Add the turret above.

  8. Draw a barrel. Add landscaping and clouds.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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