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How to Draw a Rooster Head

How to Draw Rooster HeadHow to Draw Rooster Head diagram

In honor of the Chinese New Year that kicks off on Jan. 28, I have created this “How to Draw a Rooster Head” tutorial, which lets young artists just focus on their colorful faces. This is officially the year of the rooster, so it’s a great way to mix a culture and art lesson.

• View and download Rooster Head PDF tutorial

• Color print of Rooster tutorial
• Multimedia or drawing paper
• Sharpie marker
• Oil pastels or crayons

PREP: Draw or print guide lines on drawing paper.
1. The rooster is drawn, according to the steps described in the tutorial.
2. The lines are traced with a marker.
3.  I colored my rooster with Portfolio® Oil Pastels, starting with a gold body, golden yellow beak and red comb and wattle. Sketchy lines were drawn on top with a medium brown pastel, and gray was added to the edge of the comb for shading. The background may be colored as desired.