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How to Paint a Cicada

Learn how to draw a cicada and then paint its fuzzy body and transparent wings. Simple crayons and watercolor do the job amazingly well.

Cicadas are known for the loud buzzing that males make to attract females. I grew up with them in the midwest, and nothing said summer more than listening to cicadas as I fell asleep each night.

This painting may look rather sophisticated, but it’s actually just using crayons to make some textured lines, and watercolor for some transparent color. If you work quickly, some wet-on-wet painting will also make some nice fuzzy stripes.



  1. Draw grid lines lightly in pencil on watercolor paper. It will help to make a symmetrical drawing. Start with a flat oval head.
  2. Add oval body below.
  3. Draw front segmented legs.
  4. Add middle and back legs.
  5. Draw two wings over the body.
  6. Add wing lines and two eyes.
  7. Trace with a brown crayon. Paint the body green. Add brown stripes on top while still wet.
  8. Paint the inside of the legs brown.
  9. Paint the background with a contrasting color.


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