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Instant Paper Mache Tiles

Mache Paper Tiles FBYears ago I bought a huge supply of instant paper mache, thinking it was going to be my quick answer for 3D work.

Well, I have since tried using it in all kinds of ways, and it was always just too mushy for most kids to make anything even recognizable. Finally, this option that was a last minute idea turned out pretty darn well. Students from K – 4 used it to form a tile over rubbing plates, and let it dry for several days. Some students painted theirs afterwards, but I actually really like the plain white versions. The resulting deckle edge lends a look of pretty handmade paper.

• Instant Paper Mache
• Rubbing plates
• Old large bowl for mixing
• Newspaper

1. Mix water and instant paper mache in large bowl. Add enough water to make a soft texture.

2. With newspaper under the rubbing plates, students take handfuls and apply to their rubbing plate. A layer that is approximately 1/2 thick is best. If you make it too thick it might mold before it dries.

3. Place wet tile is sunny spot until it dries, and then the two layers apart.

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