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Japanese Carp Wind Sock

Japanese Carp Wind SockCarp windsocks decorate the landscape of Japan from April through early May, in honor of Children’s Day.

I love these inexpensive precut fish made with paper that just soaks up color. They come flat with two sides to make them easy to paint.

• Rolyco Japanese Carp Wind Sock
• Liquid watercolor paint
• Brush
• Large piece of cardboard (to hold fish)
• Waterbased markers
• Glitter glue
• Hot glue gun
• Hole punch
• String
• Dowel

1. Markers are used to draw details on the flattened fish.
2. Students place their fish on a sheet of cardboard and paint with watercolor paint. Let dry.

Students use glitter glue to draw more designs on their fish. Let dry.

1. Teachers use a glue gun to attach the card stock strip along the back side of the mouth.
2. Teachers also fold the fish and hot glue along one side.
3. Students or teachers use a hole punch to make two holes in the mouth
4. String is cut used to tie the fish to the dowel.

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