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Kandinsky Circles with Oil Pastels

Kandinsky pretty much invented abstract art back in the early 1900’s. His “Study of Abstract Squares” is a fun and easy painting to imitate.

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• Multimedia paper, 9″ x 12″
• Oil pastels (I recommend Portfolio brand)

1. Start with a 9″ x 12″ paper, and have the students fold it in half; and then in thirds so that you have 2 rows of 3 squares.
2. Using oil pastels, students are to make a circle in the middle of each square fill it in. Then they gradually add rings of different colors around it, some thick and some thin until they reach the edge of the square. The corners are filled in as needed.
3. Students continue until all the squares are filled in. Remind them that slow, solid coloring is going to look much better than quick scribbles.
4. Young students may just practice their coloring with a variety of pastels. The 4th and 5th graders could be challenged to use different color theme in each square. For example: warm colors, cool colors, neutral colors, complementary colors, etc.

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