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Kandinsky Pastel Cityscape

Kandinsky Pastel CityscapeThis Kandinsky Pastel Cityscape project is in honor of his wonderful city life paintings, such as “Houses in Munich”. I tried out a new media that offers the rich colors of pastels, but with pencil points so you can color more precisely with them. They are probably not in the budget of your average classroom, but I recommend students try them out on their own. They allow for much more detailed coloring, and are not nearly as messy as the chalk sticks.


• Black Construction Paper
• Oil pastels


1. Starting with a sheet of black paper, students draw in pencil a horizontal ground line.
2. Afterwards, they draw a series of building rectangles that sit side by side. Windows and roofs may be added, but keep them simple.
3. Students trace all of their pencil lines with a black pastel.
4. The lines are traced with pastel again to make them nice and thick.
5. When coloring in the buildings, they should choose the brightest and boldest colors – anything except the normal brown and gray. The sky and ground may be experimented on as far as mixing color, but the buildings should be just one flat color to create some contrast.
Note: This post contains an affiliate link to sproduct that I used for this project. Purchasing the product through this link will result in a small earnings for me, which helps me keep on posting more projects.