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Kid’s Art Portfolio

Here’s my secret to keeping lots of student artwork organized – without taking up any of my valuable time.

My after school drawing students each receive a Profolio portfolio, which have a paper insert along the spine that you can easily remove and write on. I color coded the student’s name (red = kinder, blue = 1st, etc.) and have a shelf for each so students can easily find and return their book after each class.

For some added fun, early finishers can personalize their book with metallic markers.

My policy is that whenever their book is full, they take it home and get a new one the next week. Given that my drawing class mostly uses low cost items (paper and crayons), I’ve found this one expense to be well worth the price. It keeps things easy for me, students learn to be responsible for their own work, and parents get a safe keepsake. Not bad!


• Profolio Storage Book 

• Crayola Metallic Markers

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