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Kinder Clay Cupcakes

clay cupcakeclay cupcake
This easy ceramic cupcake project is my very favorite, which I save every year for Mother’s Day for kinders.

I’m pretty sure though that it has lots of appeal for any holiday gifts too. It is so simple which helps all the students feel successful when they complete it, and makes a keepsake that my parents say they have kept for years. When you find clay projects that can do all that, you keep them and use them as a great intro into the world of clay.

• Silicone Cupcake liners
• Ceramic Clay (I get mine from Ceramic Art Supply in LA)
• Small containers with water
• Glaze: food colors like brown, white, red and more

1. Each student gets one cupcake liner and enough clay to make a smooth ball, about 2″ in diameter. After softening it with a bit of water, they press the ball into the cupcake liner, first pressing in the center and then working the clay against the sides to form a bowl.
2. Students make another 2″ ball and shape it into a small “pinch pot” that sits upside down for the top.
3. A small piece of clay is used to shape the cherry. Before attaching, the contact points of the cherry and the pinch pot top must be roughed up to assure solid contact. Smooth shapes tend to fall apart when dry, mostly due to the shrinking that happens I believe.
4. Let the cupcake dry in the silicone liner for at least 24 hours. Remove when clay is firm, and scratch student names on the bottom.
5. I dry my cupcakes in the sun for a day or two and then fire.
6. Students apply the glaze everywhere except the bottom and then the final firing is done.