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Kinder Self Portraits on Canvas


Here’s my favorite way to make canvas art for fundraisers. This is a composite of 125 kinder self-portraits, all done with permanent markers on dry wax paper. It went up for sale at my school’s silent auction.

• Copic markers, skin color
• White glue
• Paint brush
• Tape
1. To make a grid of 130 rectangles on my 24″ x 36″ canvas, I marked off 10 rows across by 13 rows down in pencil, so my rectangles ended up measuring 2.4″ x 2.77″.
2. The dry wax paper that I have posted about before is difficult to erase on, so I had my students first plan their portrait on just regular paper (in a 2.4″ x 2.77″ box).
3. When the pencil drawing was done, I taped a piece of dry wax paper on top (which is see through), and they traced their lines with an ultra fine black marker. The rest of the face was colored, along with the background too. Lastly, they wrote their name somewhere inside the rectangle.
4. I cut out the rectangles, and followed the steps shown above. White glue was mixed 50/50 with water, brushed on the canvas AND the backside of each portrait. The drawing is placed on the canvas and brushed again, taking care to watch for any bubbles that may form. When the glue dries, it looks as if the drawings were made right on the canvas. Before putting it up for sale, I took a hi-res photo to email to interested parents.
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