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Kindergarten Paper Quilt

Students drew their own home as one of their kindergarten art lessons. Gluing them to a large piece of paper turned them into a large “quilt”.

kindergarten art lessons

If students make their drawing on square paper, then you will be able to easily add rows going up or down. Any extra spots could be used for a class name and date plate.

As you can probably tell by my sample, I let students draw their own “stitch” marks on thier square. They loved it, but in retrospect, I’d give more instructions on how they usually were small and neat. Oh well, the fun kindergarten art lesson looks adorable either way!


  • Drawing paper, cut to large square shapes (mine were 5.5″)
  • Black Sharpie markers
  • Crayons
  • Butcher paper, preferably a bright color
  • Glue sticks



  1. Kinders were already learning about families, so they were asked to draw something about theirs on a 5.5″ square of paper.
  2. The drawings were traced with a black Sharpie.
  3. Students colored their art with crayons.
  4. I glued the squares down to a sheet of butcher paper, spread out in five rows of five.
  5. Students drew their own stitch lines around the sides with a black marker.

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