Fall Leaf Art

Fall Leaf Art ProjectYou can make a pretty leaf art project with just some paper towels, glue and paint. Learning how to add texture to your art will open up all kinds of new possibilities.

• Watercolor paper or other heavy stock
• Paper towels
• White glue
• Crayola crayon
• Watercolor paint

1. I used Bounty paper towels (I like the spongy look to them) and cut out about 3 large leaves and 4 small ones. Mix up a small amount of 50/50 water and glue. Dip the leaves, get them completely wet, and spread them on watercolor paper as desired. Let dry overnight, preferable on a flat surface so the glue does not run in any direction.

2. Choose one crayon for each leaf and trace around the edge, pressing firmly. Add a stem at one end.

3. I made some extra watery watercolor, and painted the inside of each leaf. Dabs of different color in each leaf can add some more interest. When complete, paint the sky. Some splotches are going to pop up from the glue and water, but I think they add to the un-fussy look of the picture. Finally I used a small brush to add brown vein lines on each leaf.