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M.C. Escher Eye Drawing

M.C. Escher was one of the world’s most famous graphic artists.

Escher eye
He created many visual riddles, and an amazingly detailed piece titled “Eye” that offers lots of detail.

Students may use either soft drawing pencils or black charcoal pencils. Whichever media, they need to be able to sharpen their tools to make fine detailed lines.

• Drawing paper
• Charcoal or soft drawing pencil

1. Students may draw the football eye shape, or trace one.
2. A partial circle is added, one that touches the top of the lid.
3. An inner circle is added, along with eyelashes and a rectangle “highlight” that is to stay white.
4. Crease lines are added above the lashes. The inner circle is shaded to look black, and lines radiating around it are added. They eye is colored a dark gray.
5. Light shading is added above and below the eye, and on the right side of the eye. All the shading is rubbed with a paper stump to blend in.

Here’s a copy of Escher’s original for students to refer to. Draw to your desktop to make a letter size print.

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