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Make your Own Oscar Statue

Make your own own Oscar statue, with just a few humble craft items: baby food jar, tuna can, air dry clay and paint. Preferably with glitter, of course.

This was a second grade class project at the request of a comedian parent who needed to give out some fun awards awhile back. These little statues were so well received that students even got video “thank yous” from the lucky few who later got to take one home. It took a little prep work, but I would do this project again in a heartbeat if the occasion arose. They were just too adorable!


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  1. Place old clay in a baby food jar to keep the craft stick from moving around while working. Fill the jar up if need be. A stick that moves while sculpting is frustrating to work with.
  2. Use a sharp tool to make a slit in the top of the jar. Make it large enough to allow the jumbo craft stick to slide through.
  3. Glue the jar and stick to the bottom of the tuna can. Paper glue like Elmer’s will not be strong enough. Use something heavy like Gorilla Glue and let dry completely.


Students use the air dry clay to make a figure that wraps around the craft stick. It’s best to make a hot dog shape first, then add a head and arms. The goals is for everything to snugly wrap the body. Any small elements that extend on their own tend to break off. You can use a photo of a real Oscar statue as a reference. The body is pretty smoothed over. Let the statue dry completely.


If really young students are involved, you’ll get best results by having one two painting sessions, one for black and one for gold. If not, then I recommend painting the body solid gold, then the base black, then the glitter gold on the body for added shine.


Spray with a sealer when everything is dry. A shiny surface really adds to the look.


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