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Maple Leaf Drawing, Kandinsky Style

Here’s a maple leaf drawing idea that uses colors, Kandinsky-style. He was one of the first artists to make abstract paintings that celebrated ideas as simple as rings of color.

kandinsky art for kids

I followed my Maple leaf drawing lesson seen in the diagram below and then used some new Prang crayons for the vivid color. They really do have all the amazing color of oil pastels, but none of the mess, thanks to their handy-dandy holders.

• Drawing paper
• Sharpie, black, fine tip*
Prang Color Wands*

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1. Fold paper in half both ways to get center guides.
2. Follow my diagram to draw a large maple leaf.
3. Trace the leaf with a permanent marker.
4. Start coloring by making dots, and then building rings around them.
5. Fill in the background.

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