Marker Line Leaves

Line Art LeavesThese line art leaves are a great project when studying the elements of art, specifically the power of lines. An amazingly pretty and transparent leaf can be made just by drawing lots and lots of lines.

The technique could also be used with any number of different objects, I just recommend finding something you can trace to get off to making lines as soon as possible. And while I would love to have younger students, like 1st and 2nd graders, practice their fine motor skills with projects like this, my experience has been that the patience isn’t there, on the average. And that is much needed to make this drawing successful. I’d save it for 4th and 5th graders, OR, as a fun grown up too. Who says kids get to have all the fun?

• Drawing paper or multimedia paper
Wood leaf shapes, assorted
• Pencil
Sharpies, ultra fine point, assorted

1. Arrange and trace wood leaf shapes onto a sheet of paper with a pencil, making the lines as light as possible. Add a spine to each leaf. Keep the overlapping of the leaves to a minimum for younger artists. It can get confusing if you create lots of layered areas.

2. Using a marker, start drawing angled lines on one side of a leaf. Continue making parallel lines until the side is filled in. Do NOT trace the outside edge with the marker. It’s edge will be defined by the ending marker lines.

3. Continue drawing lines in all the leaves until they are filled.

4. Erase the pencil outline.

For the advanced artists, even more leaves: