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Martin Luther King Mural Template

A Martin Luther King history project can easily include a mural, if you start with my PDF template. These students from the Bronx show how even simple pencil crayons can make a striking image.

This photo was sent to me years ago by a teacher in the Bronx. I love how you can see all the coloring lines, yet they make a distinct portrait when done.



  1. PREP: Print 36 mural pages from PDF template. Trim the pages as shown in the instructions. Write the number of each page on the back in pencil as it is likely to get covered up in the coloring.
  2. The students each get a single page to color at a time. The pages are color coded with words to keep it easy for them. All pages are colored until all 36 are complete.
  3. The pages are layed out, back side up, and taped along each seam with masking tape.
  4. The mural is ready to hang for display