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Matisse Inspired Watercolor Painting

Use simple crayons and watercolors to make this Matisse inspired art project. Watercolor paint over crayon patterns will make a colorful work of art.

matisse art lessons for elementary

Did you know that Matisse and Picasso were good friends before they became rivals? That must have made for interesting times.

All I know is that Matisse was a master of colors and patterns, and that look can easily be explored with marker, crayons and watercolors.



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  1. PREP: Cut 9″ x 12″ paper in half to make 6″ x 9″ sheets for students.
  2. Students draw a simple vase and flowers as shown in the tutorial.
  3. The drawing is traced with a black Sharpie.
  4. Patterns are added with crayons.
  5. The drawing is painted with liquid watercolors. Contrasting colors are recommended so the crayons can show up nice and bright.

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