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Trace the Mayflower’s Journey

A Mayflower art project that makes a map of the ships original journey, and includes tips for making it look old and wrinkled when complete.

Mayflower art project

Maps needn’t be boring and always colored with crayons. This Mayflower art project gives students lots of fine motor skill tracing practice, has room to add their own creative touches, and if painted lightly, will create a very wrinkly (and authentic looking!) old map.

An added bonus is that I’ve found it’s hard for students to trace and talk at the same time. You just might have a really quiet room for a few minutes!


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Make a Mayflower Map

  1. Download map template and print on copy paper.

  2. Tape a sheet of tracing paper over the map. Trace with a marker, and add details.

  3. Paint very lightly with watercolors.

    Let dry and carefully remove tape.Mayflower art project


map art projects for kids
Ancient Greece tracing paper map with extra wrinkles.

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