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Mini Canvas Kandinsky Circle Painting

Mini painting ideas call for images that can be forgiving. Kandinsky’s circle art is perfect for even young artists to imitate.

For special occasions, try a batch of Sharpie Brush Markers and mini canvases. The color will just glide on and pop on that white background.

One of my favorite after school classes was a mini canvas session with kinder through 4th graders.

One tip I can share, if you do try this: get some scrap canvas and had students make a practice drawing/painting first. Given that it’s tricky to first draw with a pencil, I had my kids just make a practice image like this first, before they got the real canvas. The “do-over” requests were kept to a minimum, and only used as a last resort to avoid tears. There’s no crying in art class!

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  1. Mini canvases come in all different sizes – this one measures 3″ x 3″. Start by dividing the canvas into 9 equal boxes in pencil.
  2. Using Sharpie Brush Tip Markers, color a circle in the middle of each square. Outline it with another color, and another, until it almost fills the square. Finish by filling in each background while covering the outer edges of the canvas.
  3. Spray your painting with a clear gloss to make all the colors pop and display on your easel.

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