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Miniature Cakes with Model Magic

So it turns out can make really cute food sculptures for kids with Model Magic. It comes in just the right cake and frosting colors.

food sculptures for kids

• Cardboard, 3″ cut round circles
• Plastic cups, small, shot size for cake stand
• 3″ plastic souffle cup from Smart & Final
• Craft glue
• Aluminum foil
• Glue stick
Model Magic, assorted colors
Mod Podge Spray, recommended

PREP: Glue 3″ cardboard circles (from my school’s diecut collection) to a small thimble size plastic cup from Smart & Final. Let dry.
1. Students use a glue stick to attach and wrap a 4″ square of foil to the top of the stand.
2. Students chose between “chocolate”, “caramel” or “strawberry” for the frosting on their cake. They make a pancake and wrap it gently around a 3″ plastic souffle cup.
3. Little bits of white, red, yellow, green and blue are used to make all kinds of decorations and even candles.
4. Mod Podge is sprayed over the cake when complete. It keeps the Model Magic from getting dull and cracking after a day or so. And yes, it comes in spray cans these days.

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