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Model Magic Dinosaur

This Model Magic dinosaur was made by a talented 2nd grader named Daniel T.

I had to use a scissors to make all the little triangles on my sample, but Daniel had no trouble making all his spikes by hand. I love everything about it, including the colors, which come from the neon Model Magic pack. If you think this is bright, you should have seen the pink dinos that more than a few girls made.

• Model Magic, Neon
• Model Magic, purple, beige
• Clam Shell food containers, from Smart & Final

1. Roll a ball to start the dino body.
2. Add a neck and tail.
3. Roll a small ball for the head.
4. Roll four small “marshmallow” shapes for the legs.
5. Add spikes and spots and eyes.
6. Roll and shape rocks and grass.

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