Model Magic Gingerbread Cookies

gingerbread-boysThese Model Magic Gingerbread Cookies are so easy to make, thanks to the perfect gingerbread Model Magic color, also known as “Terra Cotta”. If you have cookie cutters to use, that would make things easy. But if not, forming your own head, arms and legs will make for a cookie with lots of personality.

• Model Magic: Terra Cotta, White, Black
• Corrugated cardboard, 4″ x 5″
• Aluminum foil, 5″ x 6″
• Glue stick
• Mod Podge sealer spray

1. Students cover one side of the cardboard with glue and attach it to the dull side of the foil. It is smoothed and the edges are wrapped around the cardboard.
2. The gingerbread body is made from the Model Magic. Students made the head, then torso, arms and legs and flattened them on the cardboard.
3. Decorations were made, as in skinny white lines of “frosting” around the edge, and black eyes and buttons.
4. The cookies were sprayed with the Mod Podge sealer. I find that it keeps the Model Magic looking colorful and not dried out for a bit longer than if left to dry on its own