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Modigliani Style Portrait


 Modigliani self portrait tutorialModigliani diagram
I’ve made a Modigliani self portrait tutorial in hopes that it encourages more to try it out.

Something about the distortion frees students up from getting overly fussy with their drawing, and thick pastels are the perfect media for imitating Modigliani’s rich dark paintings.

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  1. Cut the paper to 8″ x 18″. Fold the paper in half three times to make 8 equal sections as shown. Draw a head, neck and body as shown in the tutorial.
  2. Draw hair around the head as needed.
  3. Modigliani drew his faces in stretched proportions as the eyes usually sit in the middle of the face. Draw your eyes near the top of the head, and the mouth near the bottom. Continue with a nose and eyebrows.
  4. With a black oil pastel, trace the pencil lines using a lot of pressure to make a thick line. Fill in the skin, hair and clothes with more pastel. If some of the black lines get covered up, trace all again when complete.
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