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Mother’s Day Pop Out Flower Card

One of the easiest Mothers Day cards to make is this pop out flower card. A paper punch and pretty paper are all you need to get started.

mothers day cards to make

Last year I did this with hearts, but I like this flower for this time of year, for all the obvious reasons.

• 12″ x 12″ solid card stock Scrapbook Paper
• 12″ x 12″ print Scrapbook Paper
• Scallop paper punch
• Glue stick


PREP: Cut all 12″ x 12″ cardstock to 12″ x 6″, one per student. Cut 5 scallop circles for each students from the print paper with the punch.
1. Each sheet of cardstock is folded in half the long way.
2. Students choose 5 precut circles and fold them in half, color on the inside, white on the outside.
3. All five folded circles are stacked and glued together, with the fold on the same side.
4. The flower is opened and glued to the center of the cardstock.
5. Students use scraps to cut four skinny rectangles for each “M” shape and glue in place.

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