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Mondrian Foil Art

aluminum foil artLots of aluminum foil art projects use yarn, but dried pasta leaves a much more distinct image. Use all those straight lines for an easy Mondrian project.
  1. Students use craft glue to attach fettuccine pasta to heavy chip board. The goal is to make lots of large, medium and small rectangles. Press down often to set the pasta in place.
  2. A glue stick is used to generously coat all the of the matte board, as close to the edge of the pasta as possible.
  3. Aluminum foil is placed over the art and rubbed with fingertips to make the pasta lines show.
  4. Students use Brush Sharpie Markers to color in all the rectangles. All Sharpies look great on foil, but the brush tip ones really do help to color the raised art really neatly.

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