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More Sharpies on Canvas

More from my after school Sharpies on Canvas class, this time a from a kinder named Zoe.

Students worked with a kind of Pop art theme by drawing animals and then adding lots of color in the background. Once again I credit the brush Sharpies for all that great fluid color.

• Stretched Canvas
• Brush Sharpie markers

PREP: I had lots of kinders sign up for this class, so I created some basic animal templates they could trace to get started. The canvas is fairly easy to erase if you draw lightly, but if you know kinders, that’s not what they do.
1. Students drew or traced an animal body in the middle of their canvas. I had a bird, elephant and alligator.

2. The students divided up the background into lots of sections.

3. The animal and background colored in with the Sharpies.

4. Patterns were added to the background sections.

5. Students used the black brush Sharpie to outline all the colored areas.