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Nevelson Found Sculpture

Louise Nevelson found sculptureThis Nevelson found sculpture was inspired by her creation of wood assemblages. Louise was a passionate artist who worked hard to get recognition in the mostly male art world, and wished to be seen as more than just a ‘woman artist’. She died in New York in 1988, but is now considered one of America’s most innovative sculptors.
• Found objects, bottom of the draw stuff
• Acrylic paint, white or black or gold

1. I glued the basic square as shown ahead of time for the young students to keep things sturdy. Give each student white glue and enough sticks to fill in the box as shown to make a flat board.
2. Collect a bunch of small items (like buttons, paper clips, puzzle pieces, etc.) that have different shapes and textures and have the students glue them down with generous amounts of white glue. Let dry overnight.
3. Paint everything heavily with white or black acrylic paint. It make take two coats to block out all the underlying color, which is the goal.

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