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Oil Pastel Heart

If you need your students to make really colorful art for a special occasion, say a fundraiser, try this oil pastel heart. Tell them their only job, outside of drawing a large heart, is to color with lots of layers. After all, that’s what pastels really do best.

Oil Pastel Heart

• Multimedia paper
Oil pastels, I prefer the Portfolio brand

1. After viewing some of Jim Dine’s painting to see his style, students used a pencil to draw one large heart.

2. They filled in the heart with either only warm or cool color oil pastels. Whatever group they chose for the inside, the background had to be the opposite. We used my favorite pastels, the Prismacolor® brand you can find at Staples. They are messy because they are so soft, but that is also why they leave such great color. The goal was to follow Dine’s blotchy style, which I think frees them up to just color in free form fashion.

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