Old Fashioned Winter House

Old Fashioned Winter HouseOld buildings are the stuff of storytelling, so this Old Fashioned Winter House is a perfect for young students this time of year. This painting was made by a kinder student named Ruby awhile back. I love how colorful her home is. Thanks Ruby for letting me share it!

• Watercolor paper
• Sharpie, black, fine tip
• Crayons
• Liquid watercolor paint

1. Draw a wavy ground line.
2. Start the house with the side that has the roof angle on the top.
3. Add the rectangle side.
4. Draw the roof on top.
5. Add the details, such as door, windows and chimney.
6. Draw a tree in any extra space you might have.
7. Trace all the lines with the Sharpie marker.
8. Draw small round circles of snow and fill them in. Press hard or else they will disappear when the paint goes on top.
9. Paint the house with the watercolor paint, and then fill in the background with blue. You can paint right over the white crayon and the snow will “magically” appear.