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Simple Paper Sculpture

This simple paper sculpture project I tried out goes in the “keeper” file. It was fun, easy and good fine motor skill practice.

Simple paper sculpture

I challenged kinders to make curly, zig-zag and curvy lines, and then whatever else they could think of.

• White card stock paper, letter size
• Leftover colored paper
• Clear tape
• Paper cutter


PREP: Cut cardstock into squares, fold up edges on each, cut slits and tape or glue in place to make a box for each student. Use a paper cutter to make lots of thin strips from leftover colored paper.

  1. Students make fan folds for zig-zag lines, and wrap pencils for swirls.
  2. The ends of each strip are folded to make “feet” to glue down with a glue stick.
  3. Repeat with strips that go over and under each other until there is no more room for more.





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