Overlapping Buildings

Overlapping artoverlapping-building-diagram
One of the steps to go from drawing flat landscapes to ones with depth is to create overlapping art.

This project plays with the idea, and need not follow any perspective rules. Young artists can just have fun making lots of 3D looking buildings that completely fill their page.

• Drawing or multi-media paper
• Black Sharpie marker, fine point
• Black Sharpie marker, chisel tip
• Watercolor paint

1. Students follow the diagram to draw their buildings in pencil. Basically, they start with the building fronts, then add the dimensional roof lines behind, and repeat until the paper is full. When the paper is full of buildings, the roof lines, windows and doors are added.
2. The buildings are traced with a fine tip marker.
3. The windows are filled in with a chisel tip marker.
4. Watercolor paint is used to fill in the buildings.