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3D Paper Lion Craft

I made this lion craft project with Pacon Premium Tagboard, which had the color and quality I needed. I had to make sure my lion stood up when finished!

lion craft



PREP: Cut tagboard to sizes shown in the tutorial. Print a map page for each student.


  1. Trace and color the map of Africa.
  2. Fold one yellow side of paper in half. They cut out a U shape and fold toes on all four legs.
  3. The toes are glued to the tagboard map drawing.
  4. Two slits are cut on the back fold, approximately 1/2″ deep.
  5. Estimate 1/2 and 1/4 segments on side of Head and Tail paper. Cut off 3/4 length for head.
  6. Fold head paper in half.
  7. Open up and cut slits for ears.
  8. Fold head and trim ears and chin for round edge.
  9. Cut about 12 triangles from orange paper.
  10. Glue triangles to the INSIDE of the lion face.
  11. Cut nose, eyes. Color black circles with marker.
  12. Glue eyes and nose to front of lion face.
  13. Cut segment for tail. Cut tail end and glue.
  14. Insert tail and BACK of lion head in body.