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Pattern Cat with Markers

This project is one of my most pinned art lesson ideas. I think it’s because of the all the simple shapes and rich colors.

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One of my favorite combinations is Sharpies on fingerpaint paper. The color just glides on and it has a rich shine to it when you are finished. The only catch is that it is tricky to draw on as pencil lines are difficult to erase. For that reason, especially for younger students, I would recommend making a cat head template that they trace to get the drawing off to a good start. The body and tail are easy to add on their own.


• Finger paint paper

• Chipboard or similar for making a template

• Sharpie markers



PREP: If desired, cut cat head templates from chipboard.

  1. Students trace or draw the cat head in the top right part of their paper.
  2. They add the body outline and tail. Simple cat features are added to the face.
  3. Students trace the drawing with a black Sharpie marker.
  4. The inside of the cat body is filled with colorful patterns.
  5. The background gets a filled with a contrasting color and stars.

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