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Pattern Leaves

For a fun leaf project, try coloring with Brush Sharpie Markers on acetate. The color just glides on and stays super bright.

fun leaf project

The only catch is that colors can smudge when they touch, especially with black. My solution is to draw with black on one side and then color on the other so the two never actually touch each other.


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  1. Download and print my Acetate Maple Leaf photo, one for each student. Tape a sheet of acetate to one side with masking tape.
  2. Students use a fine point black Sharpie marker to trace the edge of the leaf, and then add veins to divide it into lots of section.
  3. Patterns are added inside all the sections, taking care to make them small and neat.
  4. The drawing is flipped over and colored in with Sharpie markers.

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