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Watercolor Resist Snake

Finding watercolor painting for kids that fill the whole paper is just one of my ongoing art searches. This adds the element of overlapping.

watercolor painting for kids

This project will work fine with all kinds of materials, but if you really want the colors to pop, try using real watercolor paper, good paints, and India ink for the black background.


• Watercolor paper

• Sharpie marker, black

• Crayons

• Liquid watercolor paint

• India ink


1 Students draw a snake head in the top left corner of the paper.

2. Three snake curve shapes are drawn.

3. The body is finished by adding a curve and the tail.

4. The snake is traced with a black Sharpie marker.

5. Patterns are drawn inside the snake with crayons.

6. The snake is painted with liquid watercolor paint. Let dry.

7. The background is painted with black India Ink or black watercolor paint. My experience is that the black watercolor paint sometimes looks more gray than black, but either paint or ink will look fine.