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Paul Klee Castle Drawing

Paul Klee Castle and SunPaul Klee was one of the great colorists in the history of painting.
I developed this project that imitates his abstract “Castle and Sun” painting by having students trace cardboard shapes and fill them in with colored pencils.
• Black paper, card stock is preferred
• Chip board for cutting squares and triangles
• Colored pencils
PREP: I made lots of shapes that were all based on 1″ proportions. My sample uses 2″ squares, 1″ x 2″ rectangles (some with triangle tops) 3″ x 2″ rectangles, a 3″ bridge, and a 2″ circle.
1. Starting at the bottom, the students are to stack and trace the cardboard shapes until they have built a castle to their liking. A sun is also added somewhere in the sky. After the drawing is done, they trace all the pencil lines with a white colored pencil.

2. All the shapes are filled in with colored pencil.

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