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Pizza Collage


Make fun collage art projects by tying it into something familiar. This pizza project does double duty as it reviews shapes and can accompany a food unit theme.

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I’m declaring it pizza week for my students, as the kinder and first grade are making these larger 8″ pizzas, and the rest are making 4″ ones that will go in their own box. (More posting to come regarding that.) Lots of math connections are possible as you could divide your pizza into fractions when finished.


  • Brown card stock paper
  • Red card stock paper
  • Assorted colors of card stock paper: yellow, green, black, white, gray
  • Plates to trace, about 8″ diameter and 7.5″ diameter
  • Hole punch, 1″
  • Glue stick


PREP: Punch about three black circles for each student for the pizza olives.

Students trace the larger plate onto the brown paper and cut out the circle.

Students trace the smaller plate onto the red paper and cut it out. The two circles are glued together.

The yellow paper is used to cut triangles to make cheese. The green is cut into squares to make green pepper.

Students add more toppings as they wish. I stipulated they had to have at least 3 toppings, even if they were just a cheese loving pizza kid.

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