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Pizza! Pizza! Easy Felt Food Craft for Kids

Learn how to make a pizza with this easy felt food crafts for kids project. The best part? The ingredients cling together without the use of any messy glue.

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To make this project special, find a way to keep the pizzas in a box. Ask for a donation from a local pizza shop, or search online at Amazon. There are lots of options.

If you find white pizza boxes, students can create their own logo (graphic design!) on the top with markers when they are done. That’s a well rounded project that teaches lots of skills. It’s also fun to play with as all the toppings can always be rearranged.


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  1. SUPPLY TIP: I found the felt shown above at my local JoAnn’s store. They sell the beige and wine by the yard, and the rest as sheets.
  2. Students cut a circle out of beige felt for the crust. Depending on the age, you may want templates for this. I personally like the lopsided pizzas, but the waste does go down if students trace a circle first.
  3. Cut a smaller circle for the sauce. This could be a problem solving step … or you may want another template. It a depends on the age of students and your desire to make supplies last.
  4. Cut pizza toppings from the felt sheets. Students can get creative with their pizza: tomatoes, pepperoni, green pepper, cheese, onions, olives are just a few options. The good news is that all the felt pieces will stick together, no glue is needed.

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