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Pop Art Portraits

Andy Warhol’s repetitive style is fun to duplicate and the perfect example for students to create their own repetitive drawings.
• Laser prints of famous people
• Acetate
• Sharpie markers, assorted colors
• Clear tape
1. Review some of Andy Warhol’s portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, etc. Collect several photos of celebrities or of the students themselves and copy in black and white. Let the student’s choose one photo, and give them 3 squares of acetate and a black Sharpie marker.
2. Students place the acetate over their photos and trace the edges in black. When tracing is complete, the voids are filled in with colored Sharpies. Students make total of three drawings, each with a variety of colors.
3. Trim the acetate if necessary. Using colorful card stock, cut three paper frames to fit the size of the art. Tape the acetate to the back of each frame. The panels may be posted flat to a wall, or taped together to make a z-fold card.