Make a Tractor from Popsicle Sticks

make a tractor from popsicle sticks diagramThanks to Glued to my Crafts for this great idea of how to make a tractor from popsicle sticks. I just tried to making it all out of wood, and thanks to the dozens of wood craft supplies in the stores these days, it’s pretty easy.

Craft Sticks
Wood Rectangles
Jumbo Wood Shapes (large wheel)
Woodsie Circles (small wheel)
Sharpie Markers (I like the brush green, black and yellow)
Craft glue

1. Color the circle shapes with the marker before gluing together.
2. Glue the rest of the tractor together with rectangle backings as shown in the photo.
3. Color the tractor green and the pipe black with the markers.
4. Glue the wheels on top as shown.