cat craftYou can use this idea to turn any silhouette into a 3-dimensional shape.



  • Chipboard for templates
  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint
  • Metallic marker



  1. I made a two cardboard templates of a silhouette (see picture) and had the students trace each onto the heaviest watercolor paper I could find.
  2. They cut out their two cats, including the narrow slits, which were about 1/32″ wide to accommodate the thick paper. Test sliding the cats together to make sure the slits are working.
  3. Students drew their cat design in pencil, which they need to repeat on both sides of the two paper cats. When the design was done, they painted the shapes and designs on their cat with liquid watercolor.
  4. After the paint was dry, students used a gold poster paint marker to trace all the pencil lines. When dry, they slide the sides together and enjoyed seeing their cat from all directions.