Sometimes the typical tie drawing for Father’s Day just gets old.
1. Students made a board by gluing 7 jumbo popsicle sticks across 2 vertical ones. This was allowed to dry while the draw was made.
2. On a piece of white copy paper (cut to fit on the popsicle board) students drew a large trophy, and added a message inside.
3. A piece of dry wax paper (like the kind found in a bakery) was taped over the top of the drawing. Their entire paper drawing was traced and colored in with Sharpie permanent markers.
4. The dry wax drawing was cut out with a scissors. A mix of 50/50 watery glue was brushed over the board and on the back of the drawing, which was placed on the board. More glue was brushed on top. Brush off any extra or the board may warp when drying. Glue magnets on the back are optional.
Thanks to Miranda, a talented 2nd grader, who made this beautiful artwork for her father.