Big Eyes self portrait

Big Eyes Girl diagramYou may be familiar with the story of Margaret Keane as told in the 2014 movie “Big Eyes”, but did you know these other interesting facts?

• Margaret painted children with over-sized doe like eyes as early as age 10, it was a life long fascination with her.

• She was one of the most popular and successful artist of the 1960s (even Andy Warhol praised her work) and  during that time painted up to 16 hours a day. Crazy!

• Modigliani influenced her work, and Margaret went on to influence many others including the creation of the Power Puff Girls. It’s easy to see the connection there if you have ever seen the show.

I think my students will enjoy making these self-portraits when school gets back in session, and I love the art history / pop art connections Margaret Keane has to offer. What an interesting life she has lead.

• View and download Big Eyes PDF Tutorial