Blue Planet CollageMagazine collages can be striking works of art, but I find that when students work on their own, they tend not to finish. If you approach them as group projects though, a lot of progress can be made in a short amount of time. This was created by 35 fourth graders in about 45 minutes.

PREP: I drew one large planet template on a piece of white rolled paper, approx. 22″ wide. I traced copies of the green areas on separate sheets.
1. Students cut green and blue swatches of magazine pages and leave them in the front of the room.
2. I played the role of “gluemaster” and glued all the pieces to the templates, overlapping all the edges.
3. The marker line showed through to the back, so when complete, the green sections are turned over and cut out.
4. The cut green sections are glued over the blue. Lamination is recommended for a nice finish.