how to make dinosaur fossils
 dino+fossil+plasterKinders in California learn about dinosaurs every spring. This project is a great combination of art and science.


• Clay
• Plastic dinosaurs
• Cardboard, 5″ square
• Card stock paper
• Stapler


1. Students staple their strip of paper into a ring, overlapping about an inch. With the paper ring laying on the cardboard, they should make their ball into a flat “pancake” that will fit inside the circle.

2. With the “pancake” removed from the paper ring, the student uses the dino to make an impression into the clay.

3. The “pancake” gets placed back in the paper ring, impression side up. Plaster is mixed with water until it is the consistency of pudding, and then poured into the ring. Pour enough plaster to make a layer that is about 1″ thick.

4. After the plaster has dried (about an hour) the paper ring can be torn away and the dough can be removed. If it sticks to the plaster, let it dry 24 hours and then scrub with a brush under water.

5. After the plaster fossils are clean and dry, paint them with very watered-down paint. Watercolor or tempera work, anything to give the plaster a muddy look.