draw ice cream coneSome believe that you need to spend 10,000 hours to master a skill.
Personally, I think that between teaching my daytime and after school children’s drawing classes for 10 plus years, I’m getting pretty close. That’s why I was so happy to recently receive the following email.
Dear Kathy,
I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for all of your wonderful projects and murals. I’ve used many of your ideas in my classroom.

I also wanted to tell you how invaluable your drawing lessons are. I’ve been an art teacher for 12 years. Currently I’m teaching in an all Spanish speaking school (and I do not speak Spanish, only a touch). I can give kids your step-by-step instructions and they can follow it with not much interference from me, which saves me a ton of time trying to translate everything.

I’m in NJ and I recently went to Mona Brooke’s MonArt drawing workshop in Berkeley. Her realistic drawing book is a bit hard to follow and I needed to see her techniques myself in person. So I spent $1500 to spend 4 days with her. And I tell you, your stuff is consistently better. It’s simpler, anyone can follow it.

Further, the fact that you charge $5 for murals and allow us to download so much of what you do for free is a blessing. Mona was charging $9 a pop per lesson. They were well rounded in content regarding either about the subject but to spend $300 – $400 for a course, after sitting in a seminar cramming her “technique” is incredibly expensive. And it doesn’t guarantee the same results that she gets. Your stuff, no matter what, the kids get it. Every time.

I will continue to use your website for ideas and tips. And now, I’m going to download the Frida Kahlo mural for Hispanic Heritage.

Have a great day!

Peggy Goodwin

As a teacher and blogger for many years now, I’ve tried to listen to what is wanted and needed to help children find the joys of drawing. Getting them past any initial frustrations so they can grow their confidence is important to me. I’m always on a quest for new fun images that start with simple shapes that I believe most elementary students can “see”. Here’s my latest, just in time for summer fun. P.S. My tutorials now include an added full-page image of the finished drawing for classroom display.

Draw an Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream cone283

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