My biggest goal for my art journal classes is to have kids embrace the loose, accidental art that can happen when you let yourself just create. Fourth and 5th graders especially tend to get more judgmental about their abilities, so I hope this un-fussy journal page will let them have some fun.
1. Start by tearing small leaves from tissue paper, and lay out three flowers on each page. Using 50/50 glue and water, wet the journal pages and arrange the tissue flowers on top. Let dry completely.
2. Drawing with one continuous line, start at the bottom with a Sharpie marker, trace up and around each petal 2 times, adding little loops in the center of the flower, and then back down to the beginning point. Small leaves may be added.
3. Using either watercolor or watercolor pencils, paint the background, intentionally leaving white space around each flower and leaf. In fact, the paint should not touch the marker at any point. The extra white adds some extra punch to this colorful layout.
CA Visual Art Standards: Grade Five
2.4 Create an expressive abstract composition based on real objects.