easy landscape drawingIf you draw a landscape with layers, your art with naturally have more depth to it.

Follow this formula to make a simple winter drawing that creates all three layers in a very simple format.

• Layered Landscape tutorial, see link below
• Multimedia Paper
• Pencil
Oil Pastels, I prefer the Portfolio brand

1. Each student draws three lines that tilt a little to each side on a horizontal sheet of paper. These sections will each represent foreground, middle ground and background in the picture.
 2. Students each draw three simple tree shapes, one extending up from each line. All should be spread out to give the branches room.
 3. The ground lines inside each tree then need to be erased. The students will then trace all the pencil lines with a black pastel. Lastly, the hills, trees and sky are to be filled in with oil pastels. Younger students, as in 1st and 2nd grade may just concentrate on their coloring. Third graders and up could also add shading to their trees and grass. Most pastels have a dark and light green, orange and yellow and brown, which may be used to shade each section to give it depth. If you use water-soluble pastels, you could also brush the artwork with water to smooth the edges between the colors.
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